About My Therpy

About My Style


I am intuitive and inquisitive, creative in viewpoint and rather good at case conceptualizing (Wow, she gets it). I have been told I tend to be a hard hitter (Damn, she said that?) or “refreshingly direct” shall I say?  In some cases, a session or two does the trick, may you get what you need in the least amount of time. In other cases, treatment planning will require time and effort.

 As there are multiple angles to approach a body; energetic, deep or with finesse, it all depends on why and to what end. Similarly, with the mind, so much more complex; it all depends as we unravel a knotted ball of yarn, some slack here some tug there.  So likely it will be a three-pronged approach, one of which importantly includes experiencing peace and joy, some sessions focused in one modality, other sessions subtly integrating multiple layers.

I am not about wasting time, but how progress appears may surprise both of us. Eventually getting to: The bigger question: What shall you create once you are sorted out?

I believe the natural trend is toward health and wholeness and recovery of lost ground plus discovery of new territory is totally possible, for those who sincerely desire it.  I also realize it is a complex ever-changing world out there, we need more skills to manage ourselves in it, without selling out our highest good. Even better if we became the good boundary providers, the family lineage transformers, the problem solvers, the social shapers and wise elders.

About My Therapeutic Approach:

 (Wisely she said) “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”.  I am inquisitive and will assess the issues and including the client’s insight and willingness.  I work with the client to define what it is they need and want. I am here to be of service. To be seen, heard, and appreciated is powerful. Using NLP, results may occur rather quickly, and I am happy that clients get what they need then go on their merry way. Much therapeutic success is correlated to rapport and intention. If it is a complex issue, we work together to design a treatment plan that has measurable goals and might focus on no more than 2 or 3 approaches including cognition and emotions, somatic and/or spiritual components. I recognize and respect human complexity and variety. Having been a body worker, I have a varied toolbox to treat a client in multiple dimensions, body, mind, and spirit. In mental health always there is a puzzle and so we tinker a bit to gain function and joy and find our directions as our life evolves. I am goal oriented, thinking progress must happen. I may consult, collaborate or refer to other integrative specialists, thereby treating the whole being. If a client cannot or will not yet change their situation, I will try to change the way they view it! I know the bigger picture is always better.

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Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed 

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